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Information on petra jordan, The jordan tourism board website (wwwvisitjordancom) offers very thorough information about touring jordan and petra excellent information on petra can also be.

Petra historical place in jordan 4 petra-influenced movies: if you are an indiana jones fan, you may feel that you are enacting a scene out of the film indiana jones. In the mountains of jordan, south of the dead sea, is the magnificent ancient city of petra, carved out of the surrounding sandstone, with their pink, white, and red. The city of petra, capital of the nabataean arabs petra the world wonder is undoubtedly jordan's most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction. The treasury is merely the first of the many wonders that make up petra you will need at least four or five days to really explore everything here. Camels in the doorway of the treasury at petra, jordan, shows the enormity of the ancient building's entrance carved into the sandstone hill by the nabataeans in the. Brief information on petra and its geography safety and jordan petra information history of petra petra geography petra tourist information.

General information petra was one of the most important cities in the middle east, 2000 years ago it is located in modern day jordan and was the capital of the. Deep within the deserts of jordan lies the ancient city of petra through a narrow gorge it emerges into view, revealing awe-inspiring monuments cut into the. Petra live stream cams petra is the most important site and tourism attraction in jordan petra is a unique example of an astonishing ancient civilization.

Weathering of sandstone architecture in petra, jordan: influences and rates in gsa special paper 390: stone decay in the architectural environment: 39–49. Likely the most popular historic site in jordan, the ancient city of petra features massive structures carved deep into the desert sandstone. The rock-carved rose-red city of petra is indeed one of the most amazing ancient tourist sites in the world, a unesco world heritage site petra, jordan description.

Pictures and text illuminating the nabatean site of petra, jordan pictures and text concisely provides general information about petra’s location. Petra, jordan facts - explore interesting facts about the archaeological ruins of petra city in jordan know about the night tours, famous buildings and more.

Petra is the most popular attractions in jordan for tourists and also one of the world's most famous historical archeological sites it is an ancient city located. Petra (from the latin word 'petrae', meaning 'rock') lies in a great rift valley east of wadi 'araba in jordan about 80 kilometers south of the dead.

Information on petra jordan
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